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DS01 花式点心拼盘
Mixed steamed dumplings sampling platter.
Scallop siu mai (2 pieces)
Jade prawn dumplings (2 pieces)
Beef dumplings (2 pieces)
Mushroom dumplings (2 pieces)

DS14 珊瑚牛肉饺
Steamed dumplings of well seasoned filling of minced beef rump, wombok, leeks and onion. (4 pieces)

DS15 香煎韩国泡菜鸡肉馄饨
Pan fried dumplings of chicken mince and appetizing spicy Korean kimchi. (6 pieces)

DS09 香煎猪肉锅贴
Pan fired pot stickers of marinated pork mince and zucchini filling. (4 pieces)

DS16 薄脆葱油饼
Spring onion flaky and crispy pancakes. (2 pieces)

DS17 酥皮叉烧包
Baked puffy buns of traditional BBQ pork and flavourful honey sauce filling. (2 pieces)

DS18 一口酥
Fried puffs of ham and shallots, prompting a briny yet refreshing tingle to your taste buds. (4 pieces)

DS19 素菇水晶饺
Steamed dumplings of fresh shiitake mushrooms, asparagus and coriander wrapped in a delectable translucent pastry.
(4 pieces)

DS03 翡翠鲜虾饺
Steamed dumplings of jumbo prawn, king oyster mushroom and sugar snap fillings encased in a translucent two-toned pastry. (4 pieces)

DS02 招牌带子烧麦
Steamed siu mai of scallops, king oyster mushrooms, asparagus and coriander. (4 pieces)

DS20 猪肉韭菜水饺
Boiled dumplings of pork mince, garlic and chives boasting a juicy yet tantalising texture. (6 pieces)

DS13 素春卷
Deep fried spring rolls of king oyster mushrooms, succulent bamboo shoots and cabbage filling served with Chef’s special sauce. (4 pieces)

DS07 鲜虾红油抄手
Scrumptious prawn and pork wontons presented with Chefs Gallery signature spicy sauce. (6 pieces)

DS05 田园花素蒸饺
Steamed vegetable dumplings filled with a mixture of fresh black fungus, bracing bok choi, shiitake mushrooms and fine bean curd creating a mix of mellow yet nectarous flavour.
(4 pieces)


HN14 韩式炸酱手拉面
Korean style zhajiang handmade noodles with pork, onion, zucchini and housemade black bean sauce.

HN19 星洲咖喱炒鸳鸯面
Handmade noodles wok fried Singapore style handmade noodles and rice vermicelli wok fried with curry, prawns and chicken.

HN21 鮮蝦醬燒伊面
Prawn e-fu noodles with indulgent and fragrant shrimp paste sauce.
HN04 古早担担面
Traditional handmade dan dan noodles in a rich and spicy sauce with finely minced dried prawns and ground peanuts.

HN05 香酥骨担担面
Traditional handmade dan dan noodles in a rich and spicy sauce with finely minced dried prawns and ground peanuts served with our signature fried pork chop.

HN07 生椒牛腩拌面
Handmade noodles served with slow cooked beef brisket and minced beef with diced fresh chilli.

HN08 养生香椿拌面
Handmade spinach noodles tossed with king brown mushrooms, straw mushrooms, julienned carrot and a Chinese toon paste. A vegetarian favourite.

HN11 鲜虾抄手汤面
Prawn and pork wontons, omelette strips and julienned carrots with handmade noodles in a chicken soup. This dish will certainly warm your heart.
HN01 海鲜炒菠菜面
Handmade spinach noodles wok fried with prawns, mussels in shell, calamari, julienned carrots and fresh shitake mushrooms.

HN02 豉油皇火鸭炒面
Handmade noodles wok fried in premium soy sauce with shredded roast duck, shiitake, king brown mushrooms, bean sprout and capsicums. Topped with black and white
sesame seeds.

HN06 密辣鲜虾抄手拌面
Prawn and pork wontons handmade noodles served with minced chicken in a Shanghainese style spicy sauce.

HN12 香酥骨汤面
Handmade noodles in chicken soup, omelette strips and vegetables served with our signature fried pork chop.

HN13 醇鸡汤面
Handmade noodles in chicken soup.
$9.90 HN03 三菇素炒手拉麵
Handmade spinach noodles wok fried with three types of mushrooms, julienned carrots, topped with crunchy shallots.

HN09 鲜辣肥牛汤配手拉菠菜面
Marbled beef dipped in a spicy Sichuan soup with handmade spinach noodles, shimeji mushrooms, bamboo shoot and julienned carrots.

HN10 原盅黄油鸡炖汤配手拉面
Double cooked corn fed chicken soup served with handmade noodles. The double cooked method seals in and enhances the flavour of the chicken and soup.

HN17 黑胡椒肉鸡炒面
Handmade noodle wok fried with chicken, bean sprout, onion and green capsicum in black pepper sauce.


FR01 鲜虾榄角炒饭
Wok fried Jasmine fragrant rice with prawns and diced Chinese olives.

FR02 三皇蛋炒饭
Wok fried Jasmine fragrant rice with three kinds of eggs (chicken egg, salted duck egg and century egg).

FR03 火鸭皇芥末籽炒饭
Wok fried Jasmine fragrant rice with roast duck strips, Chinese broccoli and mustard seeds. Gluten Free and Vegetarian options available.

FR06 福建炒饭
Fujian style Alaska crab, dried and fresh scallop fried rice with housemade XO sauce.

FR04 冬荫鸡粒炒饭
Wok fried Jasmine fragrant rice with diced chicken in Tom Yum flavour with
a hint of lemongrass and fried basil.

FR05 丝苗白饭
Steamed Jasmine fragrant rice. (1 bowl)

FR07 三葱和牛炒饭
Wok fried Jasmine fragrant rice with diced wagyu beef, onions, shallots and spring onions.

FR08 翡翠素杂锦鸡蛋炒饭
Wok fried Jasmine fragrant rice with sliced onion, shiitake mushroom, chopped pickle, scallion and egg.


D02 原盅冰糖雪耳炖木瓜
Double steamed white fungus with papaya, complimented with crystallised sugar. The double cook method seals in nutrition and enhances the flavour. An old Asian favourite! Available in hot and cold.

D06 表情金沙包
Emoji face egg custard buns. Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? Squeeze these cute cheeks and watch custard ooze from their mouths! (2 pieces)

D07 芝心萌萌猪
Chefs Gallery famous steamed sesame ‘piggy face’ buns. They are as tantalising
to the eyes as they are to the taste buds. A must try for adults and children. (2 pieces)
D01 时令忌廉布丁
Sweet coconut sago cooked with vanilla panna cotta and seasonal fruit.

D04 鲜果班戟冰淇淋
Seasonal fresh fruit and cream pancake (our spin on a traditional mango pancake) served with your choice of ice cream.

D05 雪糕球 (芒果/绿茶/草莓/黑芝麻)
Ice cream - choose from four flavours; strawberry, mango, green tea or black sesame.
A 1 球 / 1 scoop $5.90
B 2 球 / 2 scoops $8.90
C 3 球 / 3 scoops $10.90

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